The Electronica Reeks of Art



With their debut full length album, Lark released Razbliuto!  in August 2009, this South African electronic band, has set high standards for future South African (and even international) bands to meet.


Altogether including the excessively talented Inge Beckman on vocals, Paul Ressel on production and guitar, Simon Fuzzy Ratcliffe on bass and flute and Sean Ou Tim on the drum kit, they form the multifaceted (alternative) electronic band Lark.

The content of Razbliuto! is surprisingly intricate, different and musically sophisticated. Perfectly balanced. There is a certain bizarre and ghostly tone in Beckman’s voice which contributes to making the album viciously absolute.  Her voice echoes art into the album.

Some might say that they do not like the rather controversial lyrics. Also the one-liner song It is Not It does not help the opinion o those who pay more attention to words than the melody of the musical creation. Although with a voice like Beckman’s words become irrelevant and sound takes the front seat.

The intro’s of certain songs, such as Half Eaten, seems ridiculous and bland, but just as you are about to give up on it and skip to the next song, it evolves into an electronic masterpiece. The album is not easy to listen to if you do not show an appreciation for electronic. Although, if you give it a chance. Listen to it more than once. Look at it from a different perspective, I guarantee that you will go back for more every time. That is what Razbliuto! does. It  leaves you with just  enough satisfaction for you to keep coming back for more.  

The album’s name, Razbliuto!, refers to a sentimental feeling you have about someone you once loved but now the feeling has changed. Most of the songs relate to this mindset,  especially songs like Bionic Mind, Cradle of Cable , Clown Mayonaise and Spider’s Eye.

 In April 2007 Lark won a SAMA with Razbliuto! for the Best Alternative Album.  Razbliuto! is only their second album, the first album Mouth of Me was an EP.

Razbliuto! has definitely set the bar high, not only for electronic bands, but for all alternative bands.  By combining  electronic sequencers and live instrumentation with a substantial female voice, is what you need to create something similar to what Lark has accomplished with Razbliuto!.  


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