Take out The Script and plug in those Headphones ((The Script, UK Albums Chart, Irish Band, Science and Faith, We Cry, Pop music, Alternative, Rock, Indie, music, review))

by Shimelle Nezar

The Script headed the charts with ?We Cry? (Album) their first single in 2007 and have been a sought after band since then. The single was received in the UK as a top 20 on the UK singles chart. Link to official website

Single number two ?The man who can?t be moved? (Listen to The man who can?t be moved) hit Denmark, Ireland the UK and ended up number one on the UK singles chart selling 20 240 copies.

?We Cry? is the first album from the new up and coming band The Script. This album features singles like ?Talk you down? (Listen to Talk you down) and ?Breakeven.? (Listen to breakeven) Both if which ended up on the top ten on the UK singles chart with ?Breakeven? spending (altogether) a whopping four weeks on the UK singles chart.

The Irish band was founded by Danny O?Donoghue and Mark Sheehan was drawn together by their mutual music preferences. Having worked together in a band called Mytown their plan was to make demos for other musicians. Meeting Glen Power, a drummer, however, changed these plans. Coming through many trials in their lives they used these added dimensions of life to fuel the emotion and content behind their music.

The Script has been an instant success. With a mixture of Pop, Indie, Alternative and Rock music no wonder the have been accepted with welcoming arms by audiences all over the world. “We’re dealing with complex emotions in the simplest of ways, that’s what we battle with in these songs.” Says Danny O?Donoghue about the inspiration the band has for writing songs.

Having released their newest album, ?Science and Faith? on the 13th of September 2010 the Irish pop band wowed audiences once again. The first single of this album, ?For the First Time? blasted to the top of UK charts ending up number four and five in a matter of weeks. The album was a huge success coming out first on both Irish and UK album charts.

The Script won many awards including the Best Album, Best Live performance among others. Their music address issues of all kind and is a much needed album on anyone?s playlist.


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