Sounds of In Flames Aren’t Fading

By Amber Leigh Davies

In Flames posses a uniqueness few bands can match and they have numerous feature spots on the influences section of other bands to prove it. Going into their 10th album release they have nothing to lose and nothing to prove after having practically invented an entire genre themselves ?metal core as well as being a front runner for melodic death metal. Whether or not the idea of melodic guitar riffs racing against the screaming of the incredibly meaningful lyrics and the occasional death growl excites you, ?Sounds of a playground fading? will likely impress anyone from rocker to death metal kid.

The Swedish death metal band was started in the 1990s by a group of friends which included Jesper Stromblad (Guitarist, Drummer, and Keyboardist). Sounds of a Playground Fading is the first album produced without Stomblad and as such without any founding members. Surprisingly, the album didn?t reflect the absence of Stomblad ad instead of doing as expected the band continued along the path they were on.
This album can be seen as a continuation and development of the evolution of the band?s sound ? subtly started by their 2007 release Come Clarity. It also shows definite similarities to their 2nd last release ?A Sense of Purpose? with slightly clearer vocals and a few decidedly gentler songs compared to Come Clarity.
The guitar solos, breakdowns and riffs are nothing to shy away from as they have the same and still improved energy, enthusiasm and artful skill as they all have. If anything, the lack of distortion experienced with In Flames, particularly with this album, shows you how dedicated the band is to the music rather than just the noise the masses expect from Death Metal.

The songs to check out first would have to be the title song ?Sounds of a Playground Fading?, ?Ropes? and ?Deliver Us?. Highly impressive lyrics and command of instruments leave you with a polished sound and a need to put them on repeat.

‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ – In Flames 2011

?Sounds of a Playground Fading? doesn?t only satisfy the hardcore fans, if you?re just a hard rocker In Flames could definitely be your gateway drug into the world of metal. Their latest release comes highly recommended to everyone appreciative of music and lyrics and a taste for the harder side of the music scene. If you like this album, you will worship ?A Sense of Purpose? so give it a hit; it?s a guaranteed good use of your time.

In Flames – The Mirrors Truth (A Sense of Purpose)


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