Skyrocket to the Top

By Ryan Howden
A South African band from Johannesburg, who have expanded on the 1970s post-punk and alternative rock, have become internationally recognised. After receiving four South African Music Award nominations this year, The Parlotones are at their peak performance, being recognised as one of South Africa?s top bands.
Consisting of four members, Kahn Morbee (lead singer), Paul Hodgson (guitarist), Neil Pauw (drummer), and Glen Hodgson (bass guitar and keyboard), The Parlotones compose their own original songs, which are made up of the highest quality of each individual. According to Boston Herald, ?The Parlotones could become huge? Killers huge, Muse huge, Coldplay huge.? Having played a number of gigs around the world and featuring in the popular reality series Jersey Shore, where some of their top singles were exposed, The Parlotones are establishing themselves as a well-recognised band.    
The Parlotones latest music video Should we fight back has recently been added to the MTVU playlist in the United States and is currently receiving substantial rotation on the popular network. This ties in with their recent album Stardust Galaxies,a thrilling musical experience which went Gold in South Africa after just one week on the shelves, a truly remarkable achievement.
The album contains 14 tracks, each composed with a unique style and tempo. The variety of songs that the band has produced is a testimony to their skill and professionalism in the music industry. The most significant or recognisable songs are: Push me to the floor, The stars fall down; Should we fight back, We call this dancing, and Stardust Galaxies.
Push me to the floor is the first single of the album, a dramatic, yet rather poetic song about love, which encapsulates the listener with its varying pace. The stars fall down is a more relaxed and peaceful song, which brings about a deep sense of thought and reflection in the listener. Should we fight back is the longest track on album, with a fun and slightly faster tempo, which represents the core energy of The Parlotones. We call this dancing is another energetic song about dancing and love, which is a trademark of the album, showing versatility and creativity in the artists? work. Stardust Galaxies is melodic symphony with the addition of a female voice that contemplates Kahn and the essence of the song.
The album is definitely worth adding to one?s collection of well-established music from world renound artists, as The Parlotones have produced a sensational incorporation of modern rock with a unique South African touch. One can be sure to enjoy the harmonious tunes that this ever-promising musical talent has to offer.    

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