Skrillex: The Evolution of Music ((tgs: Skrillex, Sonny Moore, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Zeds Dead, Hardcore and Death Metal, electro-dubstep, Beatport, Kill Everybody))

The biggest talk of the electronic music world has been all about the young and talented Sonny Moore aka Skrillex.

Skrillex shocked the world with his unusual yet funky electronic melodic sound. His sound was so catchy and uncontrollably addictive that his second album release ?Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites? was released for the first time on the Big Beat Record, in conjunction with the Mau5trap record label. This album release put Skrillex on the electronic music world map as an extremely talented DJ and producer.

The albums opening song is a face melting bass electro-dubstep hybrid track named ?Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain?. This track explores all the major possibilities of future electronic genre collaborations with a fast passed drum beat followed by the massive electronic sounds of Skrillex. The Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP consisted of 9 tracks that all differ in sound and structure. That may just be what is responsible for 8 of the 9 the tracks on the EP being included in the top 10 Beatport tracksat one time and topping three of the sites subgenre charts.

The second track on the album is the track titled Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and the EP consists of two other remixes of the same hit song by artists Noisa (track 7) and Zeds Dead (Track 8). This song broke the barriers on Beatport top 10 by being the first Dubstep track to ever hold the number one title. This is the positive reaction Sonny Moore received from the world of electronic music listeners when his second album released.

The third track of the album is Kill Everybody 1 and the 9th track of the EP is a ?Bare Noize? remix of Kill Everybody 1. The name of this track is rather daunting but once you have listened to it you will fully understand the origins of the name of choice. Then onto Tracks 4 and 6 which are the quite in the storm with uplifting melodies, powerful vocals  and great sounds, a complete change over from the signature dark electronic sounds of the Skrillex EP. The albums track 5 is one of a kind dubstep that incorporates a filthy rapper with dubstep sounds derived for from Hardcore and Death Metal.

Over all, this album is what makes the evolution of Skrillex and the electronic music scene so exciting. Skrillex continues to develop as a producer, working tires sly to be the best he can and to take genre collaborations to new heights.

Video Links: Equinox (first of the year) 
                    Rock N Roll(will take you to the mountain)

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