Pink Punk ((pink, funhouse, songs, so what))




                                                           by:Wesley Mathe


So what another breakup anthem with the storm of fury all pop girls need to be respected, whether it Is Avril Lavigne or Britney Spears they are a force to be reckoned with.   It is all in her name the pop/pop rock artist Pink (born Alecia Moore) has taken pop to accommodate her personality hard and daring. The Pink hair and daring attitude brings out the pop punk in the sensational artist banging and pouring beer on a car in the song So What dedicated at her ex-husband Cary Hart shows the hard core and gut of the artist to take her music to the extreme. Pink was brave enough to drag her ex-husband to appear in the video, going to extents no other pop artist has been.

The artist got her name after brushing on pink after an embarrassment during her childhood, the cover up of makeup still brings out the hard core and excitement she bring s to her audiences. Still banging and daring Pink took her music to a whole new level from hip hop Eve want to be to all funk rock. With the elements of a break up song one will find themselves singing to the Pink song so what during their own break ups.

From her album Funhouse she mixes songs of her life from breaking up to losing her love life. The album says it all Funhouse, which is meant to be a place where young children play and have fun is twisted from fun to a house of fire and misery as Pink demonstrates in her video. In 2001 she released her more to pop-funk album Misunderstood which went to become a commercial success with sales estimated at 13 million.

In 2006 she released I’m Not Dead which was her fourth album until her biggest selling song  So What.
With the release of Funhouse in 2008, after this album she was rated number 13 on the billboard and number one pop artist of the decade (2000-2009). Since then she has won three Grammy awards through the song So What, 5 MTV music video awards and 11th most played music of the decade on UK radio 2000-2009. She was named best 27th most powerful celebrity in 2010 by Forbes Magazine.

Still a rock star Pink has shown her mood and emotions through her music throughout the years she has been on and off stage.


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