Oliver Evans Music Review ((Justice, Audio, Video, Disco, Electronic, Ed Banger, Civilization, House, Cross))

New Sound, Old Desires.

When Justices? debut album ?Cross? came onto the scene in June 2007, electronic music was changed forever. With a heavy funk sound reminiscent of daft punk and a new flavor all there own. The duo tore up dance floors and desecrated the music scene with hard hitting bass lines and synths that rode up your spine, and left you with no choice but to move. With tracks like D.A.N.C.E. and We are Your Friends the album became a huge success. The French duo was awarded a Grammy for top electronic album of the year solidifying their name as one of the top electronic groups of all time.  

Their new album titled ?Audio, Video, Disco,? debuted on October 25th 2011. The duo took a step into the past, pulling out heavy guitar riffs that give the nostalgic feeling of glam rock. However the bands attempts at creating rock-electro have fallen short. Neither of the members of Justice have the instrumental ability to pull off using actual instruments to make there music, a huge crutch in the grand scheme of it all. This attempt at progression leaves them in a musical limbo; the duo seems to have forgotten that most of their fans are electronic fans first, rock fans later.

The new album strays away from the dark grinding bass that Justice fans were captivated by in the first album, ?Cross.? The debut single ?Civilization? isn?t a bad song, in fact it is quite good, but to describe any of Justices work as just good, is a disservice to the electronic industry. In a genre that has been taken over by the sounds of dubstep and drum and bass, Justice was meant to be the savior for the heavy house fans and original electronic bangers. Unfortunately it seems there attempts at creating a new sound have limited them to making a mediocre album. 

With this said, the album isn?t all bad news, the tracks are playable and deserve a listen. Often times Justice tracks have a way of creeping up on you a few months down the line. Some of the heavy tracks on the album include ?Canon? and ?Horsepower? both have a hint of the old Justice glory in them. While it may not be the best album ever made, ?Audio, Video, Disco? has the potential to be remixed, maybe even steered back in the direction of the original Justice we love. Until then all of the die hards out there will have to hope that the duo?s next album wont take another four years to be produced. 



I intend to promote the review by posting it on my facebook and also having all my friends post it on there facebooks as well. I’ll also drop it on twitter and submit it to my favorite music blog, it wouldnt get a direct upload but sometimes if its good enough the author of the blog will make reference to it and link it. Ill also put it on twitter.

Audio, Video Disco Justices new masterpiece, or a regression into a sound fans dont want to hear.  


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