Ocean Minded


I?ve always been really grateful to those artists who have the ability to ?take you away? and place you in another world. Especially a world, which contains the ocean in it!
Farryl Purkiss, originating from the shores of Durban, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa does just that. His mesmerizingly cheerful and upbeat way of singing, makes him one of the best SA artists of our time.
Listening to Farryl?s folk/acoustic pop music, transforms your bedroom to a rustic holiday resort on the beach, with the most breathtaking view of the ocean, and the company of those who love you truly. All the big, well seemingly big, issues in your life, disappear.

Farryl was born on 20 March 1980 in the popular South African beach destination, Umhlanga [1]. It?s not hard to believe, when listening to his music that he grew up on the beach. His thoughtful lyrics and delicately put together symphony of guitar and harmonica flow into your mind, letting you know life?s all chilled, and keep it to the basics and you?ll live a life of happiness and love.

Farryl?s singing/songwriting ability is ample, and to watch him perform live is a treat to one?s soul. I watched him perform at the Union building at Rhodes University in 2010. It was almost our end of year examinations, yet for an hour I was chilling around a beach bon-fire on a summer evening listening to the sound of guitar symphonized with an absorbing voice and the rolling sound of the waves.

Having only started playing guitar at the age of 15, he soon began writing his own music, at the age of 16 [2]. He landed a gig with 2Feet Music and was signed to their record deal in the later end of 2005. Soon after he got signed he started performing heavily outside South Africa leading up to the release of his full-length debut album, in South Africa, 2007. The release lead to ?high acclaim, chart success, and award nominations? [2].

?Fruitbats & Crows? released in 2009, is the long awaited follow up to Farryl?s internationally acclaimed ?self titled? album. The album has lead to radio success in Australia, Europe, South Africa, Japan, and topped the chart in France with ?La-Di-Da? [2]. ?La-Di-Da? just started floating it?s way into my eardrums as I started writing that! An epitome of the feel-good, carefree affect his music has on me, as I?m sure it would on anyone who is passionate about nature, free spirited behavior, and acknowledging what we have and love.

If you?re into Jack Johnson, beach bon-fires, dawnie surf sessions and a mad fried breakfast after that, Farryl Purkiss will be your one-way ticket to a yearlong holiday!


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