Neighbourhoods Blinking into the darkness ((Blink 182, alternative, indie rock, rock, ava, +44, music, neighborhoods))

Kayla Lidstone

Credit for the picture to MONICA MONROE.

It looks like the most influential band of the 90?s is back for real. Blink 182 has jumped back into the music scene and has released their first album in 8 years ? Neighborhoods.
Blink 182 formed in 1992 and grew in dedicated fans over the years. The young, humourous music that Blink 182 became known for won them various nominations and they became a global icon for alternative music.

When they broke up, millions of fans were devastated. Their break-up lasted eight long years in which two new bands were formed ? Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, started +44 and Tom DeLonge started Angels and Airwaves (AvA).
These bands attracted a different kind of listeners and neither attracted nearly as much attention as Blink 182 did. They finally settled their feud (much to the relief of Blink-starved fans) and a new era of Blink 182 began.

Neighborhoods is unique from any of their previous albums because it crams the past eight years of doubt, death and darkness into 49 minutes. Lyrically, the album is the most depressing work they have done. Death is repeatedly brought into their songs and aspects such as addiction, loss and depression play as main themes throughout the album. The album?s first song is called ?Ghost on the Dance Floor? and one of their songs includes Mark Hoppus singing the lyrics ?hold on, the worst is yet to come?. If this is the new Blink 182, it?s a pretty bleak future for old Blink fans looking for a feel-good rock song.
Even the music videos that have been released are dark and oddly scary. Their latest single,?Up All Night?, is full of burning cars and people running around in Halloween masks. Children are sitting on steps with black rings around their eyes and there is just this eerie My Chemical Romance vibe about it.

The old Blink 182 comes out in some of their songs though ? Tom, Mark and Travis are the perfect combination of AvA?s power-ballad nasality and +44?s intense drumming skills and serene vocals.

The carefree high school band that fans are expecting Blink 182 to convert back to doesn?t look like it?s going to appear. That era is long gone ? the members have matured through the past eight years along with their styles and lyrics. Neighbourhoods serves as an auto-biography of the trio of old friends reunited after learning their lesson.

Credit to blink182EVO for the video.


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