Music to go AWOL for

By Ashlee Wilson


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Strange, vibrant and contagious, Awolnation’s new album is bound
to make you tilt your head trying to understand why you love their
sound. Megalithic Symphony has all the right ingredients to make you a
fan of their Indie-electric pulsating music.

As a new kid on the music scene, Awolnation released their debut album
in 2010 with little success. Releasing Megalithic Symphony on 15 March
2011, their first full blown album looks like it is bound to send them
in the right direction. Awolnation’s first single Sail proved
popular in Canada with epic results on the charts. With lyrics like
“blame it on my A.D.D. baby” it’s no wonder they are a hot topic
of discussion on the new music scene. Sail marked its spot on the
scene with amazing rankings in the charts and gained the band a
massive following.

Lead artist and lyricist Aaron Bruno was a former member of bands that
never quite cut the cheese of the music industry. When Red Bull
approached him to start a solo project in which he could
wright all his own lyrics and music, Bruno jumped at the chance.
Collaborating with the other members of Awolnation are lead guitarist,
Christopher Thorn, Kenny Carkeet as rhythm guitarist, David Amezcua on
bass guitar as well as the backing vocals of Hayden Scott on drums.

The name Awolnation has said to come from Aaron Bruno’s nickname in
high school of Awol, but Bruno told San Diego radio 91X in an
interview that they wanted to have a name that would create a
“musical escape from day to day troubles.”

In the bigger scheme of things, Awolnation captivates a wide rage
following due to their diversity of sound. Listening to all the songs
of Megalithic Symphony will leave one with a sense of confusion to
what genre this band is exactly. The sound that makes fans AWOL is
not quite fully alternative but more a mix of indie electro with hints
of punk. Awolnation’s sound can range from MGMT and Foster the
to bands like The Killers and Cage the Elephant.

Some tracks are better than others, leaving a foot-tapping,
head-bobbing sort of feeling that cannot be contained. Burn it Down,                                     Guilty Filthy Soul and Sail are a must when it comes to songs to get                                      under your skin. Look out world, Awolnation has just landed, and they’re                               about to take the world by storm.

Awolnation – Sail. Taken fron Youtube

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