Keith – Getting Closer to Your Heart

By Jessica Trappe


Keith Urban – Get Closer

Tired of typical depressing songs? Then you are in need of some Keith Urban. To be specific, you need his latest album called Get Closer which was released in November 2010. Get Closer followed five consecutive platinum or multi-platinum albums. The album is an interesting mix of pop and country  but also contains some aspects of rock .The album only includes eight songs as Target has exclusive rights to the full version which includes almost double the material with four live tracks and three unreleased original songs in addition to the albums original eight songs.
Keith co-writes most of the material and also carefully selects his song writing partners; one such example of this is his cooperation with Sarah Buxon (who wrote Stupid Boy) on Put You in a Song. Keith has also worked with Darrell Brown on the country-rocker Georgia Woods which has become increasingly popular.
There is a certain element of Rock in Keith Urban?s music, this can be evidently seen in songs such as Stupid Boy and Georgia Woods along with You Gonna Fly, Long Hot Summer, and Shut Out the Lights. Keith ensures these songs are of the best quality and that they innovate listeners by including something new; he achieves this by incorporating a number of stringed instruments from bazouki to banjo to E-bow guitar.
Get Closer is continuously gaining popularity in the USA and in Australia; Keith has recently topped the US country charts once again with Long Hot Summer, the third single from his latest album.
Keith Urban stated in an interview that he is greatly inspired as a guitarist by Mark Knopler and as a songwriter by Jimmy Webb, Paul McCartney, John Fogerty & Don Henley.
Keith is obviously also inspired by his wife, Nicole Kidman who has helped him replace the weepy ballads of past albums with happier songs that explore the nature of love, marriage and essentially ?getting closer?. One by one each album of Keith Urban has progressed beyond the surface leading to a celebration of love, infatuation and relationships rather than the typical songs of hurt and heartbreak that are so common in this day and age.
Keith is planning a tour in North America during 2011 to support his new album, Get Closer which according to many  is by far his best work with You Gonna Fly being the most popular and upbeat song.

Keith Urban – You Gonna Fly


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