Inna: The Club Rocker

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By Luniko Futshane

Inna- Club Rocker

Attention, calling all club rockers internationally. /Inna/[1]?s
long await, second full length studio album is finally here. The album
/I am the Club Rocker/[2], released on the 19th of September 2011, is
collaboration with long time producing team Play & Win. After her
debut album, entitled Hot in released on September 28, 2010, it was
described by Play & Win as their best record so far. I am the Club
Rocker features a new retro sound, which was critiqued. The Romanian
singer encouraged her fans worldwide to consider themselves as Club
Rockers, and with that, she launched a special website designated for
her followership. The second album has built hype in and around Europe
and still has to be recognised worldwide.


Inna- I Am A Club Rocker (Official Website)

The album is introduced by the song /Un Momento/?? which features
Spanish DJ and producer Juan Magan, and has a mixture of Spanish and
English language. This feel good song incorporates the new retro vibe
with a riff which seems to be derived from a Spanish guitar.    /”Un
Momento”/ was initially released as a bonus song on her debut album,
but has been remastered and became part of the track list of her
second album I Am The Club Rocker!

The second single off the album /I Am the Club Rocker /[3]is Club
Rocker. This exciting club banger puts a spotlight under the album as
a whole. Inna?s unique strumming melody and heavy bass wobble gives
flavour to this hit single. A remix of the song features U.S. rapper
/Flo Rida/[4], which isn?t quite that exciting.

/Endless/, the fourth single, brings a different entity to the albums
repetitive retro sound of the album. Elements from a Spanish guitar
make the track more relaxed and sets a tranquil mood, with the lyrical
content and voice complimenting the single. This single differs to
most songs in this album, which were aimed as club bangers, and
changes the pace.  

Prominent releases, mentioned above with an addition of/ Senorita,/[5]
bulk up this album. Other singles don?t do justice to the club
rocking theme of this album. The unique Spanish guitar/ electronica/
retro dance mixture works to the albums advantage; alternative but you
can still listen to the album in the back of best friend?s car./ I
Am the Club Rocker/ may not be rocking the clubs worldwide, but it
definitely worth the listen to.


Inna- I am a Club Rocker (Official Website)



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