Infected Mushroom ((psy-trance, music, electronic, sonic))

Infected by Mushrooms (Psy-trance)

By Mwebaze Isaiah


Originally from Israel, Haifa, the Infected mushroom is a duo consisted majorly of, Erez Aizen(also known as I.Zen) and Amit Duvdevani (also known as Duvdev). Their new type of music gives a vibe of electronic and sonic wave leaving the listener with a sense of euphoria and a boost lifting one?s spirit. One would say that it could be rather therapeutic beautiful and yet dark virtual music, but nonetheless daring. Famous for hits like Heavyweight, devil, dream and Psycho among others, this duo is a force yet to b reckoned with.

We all question our existence, why we are here, why we do the things we do, why the world works as it does. Perhaps we were designed in that format. Perhaps we were not supposed to question the order of things, obey the rules as they came along. Then why do we do the things we do ” Why do we perform the acts that make us the very humans that we are ” Why the punishment that keeps us aligned with the order of nature and society as we know it ” 

Through anarchy came sovereignty, in order to form a state and order, a government, a place through which people could relate interact and thus be at peace. What about the individual “

That is what psy-trance brings to the mind, no ordinary every-day type of music. The type of music that reminds you of a dark twisted fantasy, the sort that would make you question the order of things without a second doubt, open your closet and let out hidden secrets, the inner self, the hidden self.

Peace, through Anarchy, a place where all comes together, where pre-destined creature come together with guns and terror.

We have all watched the movies, the hero coming in to the scene to watch the day, or better yet, the Bad guy making his first debut, making you remember why his character is of great value, why you are important as an individual, why your power and potential is able make things happen to make the story line change, to turn events.

Offcourse one would have to be daring to make a stand, to stand out amongst the crowd. One would need the courage, the bravery, especially the adrenaline. Ladies and gentlemen, one would have to be an outcast, one would have to take the fall, sacrifice all, and be judged. The one to change the history of music as we see it.

Get involved, discover yourselves, let loose. You can find their latest albums on at their official website; Infected Mushrooms



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