Elevating to the next level

By Nombuso Mbambo
http://bit.ly/rV9z1s ?

Hailing from the northern parts of South Africa?s east coast,
Culolethu Zulu, also known as ?Culoe de Song?, hasn?t looked
back- putting his passion before his life. He has since become one of
South Africa?s greatest exports in the music industry, having made
his mark internationally.
Culoe de Song is a dj and producer, whose first offering, A Giant
leap, was a mesh of genres built on each other to make an electrifying
house album. With the influences of Black Coffee, Christos, Vinny Da
Vinci and the likes, this album epitomised the rhythm of South Africa
while incorporating a global feel.

His latest offering, Elevation, is testament to his growth as an
artist and celebrates his musical journey. More importantly,
highlights the elevation in his career.
The main message that resonates in this album is of spreading love,
understanding as well as growth. ?Every day is a better day as long
as you stay positive? is what keeps this young pioneer going. The
fusion of Kwaito, tribal beats, afro pop and many more induce and
audio orgasm when one indulges in this record.
Yini Ngawe[1]? and ?Call Me?[2] are the main singles that get
are sought after in the party scene with their soulful, deep and silky
feel. These feature Shota of Shana and Monique Hellenberg
respectively. These two songs are both deeply rooted around the idea
of love and relationships. Other featured artists include
international acts such as Chapel.

His name which means ?our song?, is well fitting given the calibre
of work he dishes out for his listeners. The energy that Culoe de Song
releases in every song connects the album intrinsically. Drawing
inspiration from all walks of life, it seems this young man has shown
us a glimpse of his soul.

This album tells a subtle story from the first word uttered and beat
dropped. The influences of his mentor, Black Coffee- who himself is
nothing short of pure talent, are rather evident yet original. Culoe
de Song has performed at many prestigious venues that many dj?s only
dream of with the likes of the Djoon [1]and Moxa in Italy. It?s only
sky high from here for this artist

[1] http://youtu.be/Lt2EpkH4LKg
[2] http://youtu.be/LIb1Fai8z8g

[1] http://bit.ly/vKaoDw


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