Deadmau5 is coming!

By Jemma Bridgens


GRAMMY nominated, Juno Award winning and #4 ranking artist on the Top 100 DJ Poll, Joel Zimmerman otherwise known by his alter ego Deadmau5, has confirmed the rumours – he is coming to South Africa. The Canadian progressive and electro house fanatic, famous for his LED cube and Mau5 head during live performances, began his career in 2006 with his release, Get Scraped, and he has since been impressing critics and fans alike. He recently caught the attention of the media when he collapsed at one of his performances from exhaustion and vomiting, and had to be transported to hospital.

Zimmerman has succeeded in establishing his own label, Mau5trap, in which he has signed artists such as Skrillex and Madeon. Mau5trap has been a major contributor to some of the greatest electronic music that the industry has to offer. His latest album, 4×4=12 released in December 2010, has been his most innovative masterpiece. It is a creative recipe which incorporates the sounds of pulsating dubstep, amplified synthetic beats, mesmerising rhythms and electrifying drops to leave a craving fan satisfied, and coming back for more.

The singles released such as “Some Chords”, set an example and an extraordinary standard for the remainder of the album. From the moment the track starts, there is anticipation as the build-up grows quickly to reach a sensational drop with a rattling baseline, setting the pace for the rest of this enticing album.

Sofi Needs a Ladder “is the first glimpse of a combination of Deadmau5 produced electro and vocals composed by long-time friend Sofia Toufa. This single is featured in the film Hangover Part II. “Animal Rights“, a quirky collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner, is a burst of flavour with a tasty mixture of upbeat electro. There is no forgetting “Raise your Weapon”, featuring breathe- taking vocals by talented Greta Svabo Bech, a progressive house song which strays from his hard hitting beats but establishes his capability to produce more mainstream songs too. Madeon, signed to Mau5trap, did a funked up remix of “Raise Your Weapon” which originally grabbed Zimmerman’s attention.             

Deadmau5 has contributed to the music industry offering an unexpected yet exciting album and capturing people’s attention across the world. His 4×4 =12 album is going to be the main feature of his up-coming tour to South Africa. Take the opportunity to hear this mastermind in action now.  

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