Connecting with Cabo Snoop’s Bluetooth

Album review
Phumla Ngcobo

Connecting with Cabo Snoop’s Bluetooth

Born Ivo Manuel Lemus, Cabo Snoop, also refered to as the ?African Snoop Dogg?because of his skinny and tall-like body, is an Angolan singer/dancer.

Cabo Snoop’s genre of music kuduro, which gained roots in Angola in the 1980’s and reinvented in Portugal, is of an eclectic up-tempo,energetic, and danceable type with elements of kwaito and rap, has earned him the love of many music fans across the African continent and abroad.

Cabo’s début album entitled ?Bluetooth? was realised on the 27th of September 2010. ?Bluetooth? consists of 14 songs including the worldwide smash hits ?Windeck?; a track which catapulted the young artist into the mainstream music industry (chart topping stints around the continent, packed venues in the Netherlands, Portugal, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique and more) and ?Pracatatumba? earning Cabo the best Luso-phone award at the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards.

Cabo is signed onto Power House Music, a record label owned by Angola’s number one video director Dr. Hochi Fu. I.V.M Beatz who executive-produced ?Bluetooth?.

This album demonstrates how the barriers of language have nothing to do with the love of music. As both ?Windeck? and ?Pracatatumba? , ?as words have no actual meaning, however Pracatatumba also talks about gold diggers and how you have to be careful of them? says Coba in an interview with allAfrica’s Boniface Mwalii.

Further more Cabo does not speak English or has any particularly English tracks on the Album but still the tracks in ?Bluetooth? have managed to find their way into many African and international radio stations.

Cabo amongst many others has collaborated with American rapper Fat Joe in a remix version of ?Windeck?, collaborations with Busta Rhymes and South Africa’s Black Coffee are on the cards, very exciting news to anyone who has come across this album.

All the songs in the album are party starters, guaranteed to make anyone and everyone want to dance as soon as the first beat goes. Other tracks include ?Vamos la? , ?Slow motion?, ?Walalipo? and ?Zangala Guduma? which are also bound to bring the house down.

?Bluetooth? is a must have for all House,Hip Hop, Dance and kwaito fans out there. It is a perfect definition of creativity and energy a true sign that Cabo Snoop is here to stay, regardless of the fact that we don’t understand a word he says.



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