Coldplay reach Paradise

By Ilze Moore



If you are looking for the album of the year Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto’s album is definitely it. The album has a provocative name and takes you on a journey of two lovers fighting the oppression of their repressive social and cultural conditions in the society. Furthermore the possibilities of the government coming to capture them are discussed in the two songs “Major Minus” and “Up Against in the World”.

However, even though this idea is extremely noble it is not very noticeable the afore mentioned songs are the only two songs on the album that give an inkling of the theme of the album.  With that said however, whether or not one notices the theme within the album one cannot deny the absolute brilliance of Mylo Xyloto.

In Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay have decided to develop a new sound opposed to the popular music styles their audiences are used to. The band has adopted a more electronic dance feel to their songs as is evident in the collaboration with Rihanna on “Princess of China”.

Princess of China” takes on a more joyful timbre to accompany the Pop music style feel of the song. However, the wonderful Coldplay still do not alienated their previous audience as they still draw from the more somber ballad feel of their previous albums such as Viva la Vida. It is in this sense that Coldplay has still maintained their identity and unique style their audiences have come to know and love.  The song “Paradise” is the epitome of the new feel of Coldplay’s new album with the very strong R&B feel and strong percussion combined with the soothing vocals of Chris Martin.

To add to the distinct sound of the music the band employs a church organ and a variety of string instruments which are played against many layers of synth. In “Up Against the World” and “Up In Flames” Martin has a distinct crackling sound in the very low pitches of his voice and punctuates the music beautifully. Furthermore, Don’t Let it Break Your Heart reaches out immediately allowing one to flick your lighter to the sweep of strings, guitars and the thumping bass. This indicates the two very different styles coming together and thus making a Coldplay master piece.

Yes the music isn’y the same as the likes of Viva la Vida and its predecessors but the and soul of Coldplay is still evident in the music. The production is brilliant and is produced beautifully and ties the bits of this album together.


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