Coldplay ? anything but frozen!

Lucy Holford-Walker

Whilst the title may be ominous, or at the very least unpronounceable, Coldplay?s Mylo Xyloto gives rise to new success that is anything but cold.

Since the release of Coldplay?s new album; Mylo Xyloto, there is little doubt that the unforgettable beats and rhythms of each track are currently reverberating off the walls of many a bedroom across the world. With a sell of over fifty million albums up until now, Coldplay have definitely made their mark on the music industry, as well as on many an IPod playlist too ? and Mylo Xyloto is no exception.

The 14 track album begins unusually with an instrumental track ominous and intense, aptly named after the album title, ?Mylo Xyloto;? and only lasting 43 seconds. This tune draws in the listener with an engaging musical tone in which one cannot help but be captured; preparing listeners for the rhythmic and magnetic melodies that are to follow, such as ?Hurts like Heaven;? a song with a high tempo and a slightly electro sentiment that forces more than just a tapping of the foot or a shake of the head. What follows is a track that pulsates in its melody; ?Paradise.? With lyrics that speak of youth and big dreams, the song denotes a composition that can only be described as made for the soul.

Yet another memorable track that stands out and is ambitious in how different it is to the usual Coldplay genre, is ?Princess of China,? featuring pop-sensation, Rihanna. The vocals of both Rihanna and lead singer Chris Martin work side by side, obvious in their distinction but complete in union. The product is nothing less than magical; fans of both Rihanna and Coldplay will not be disappointed. The album is packed with voluminous emotion, including ballads such as ?Us Against The World;? a track which is evidently softer than those that precede it. But if it?s dancing that fans also want, they too are provided for with the lead single ?Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.?  The track gives a unique feel and is in sheer contrast to the others, in that there is an element of rave or dance melody backing the track.

What possibly leaves listeners inspired and grateful for money well spent, is the fact that Coldplay have pushed the boundaries; ventured into a new realm that whilst is foreign to them, could not suit them better. And yet, they remain unmistakable in sound and harmony, a truly unique and exceptional quality. They have added a new intensity to their sound and repertoire with electro and rave-type music, whilst holding onto their identity.  Granted that the album has received mixed reviews, there is something extraordinary about the album that critics cannot deny. Coldplay have successfully produced an album magnificent and luminous in melody and beyond proficient in sound and instrumentation. If their recent sold-out tour to South Africa proves anything, they are most definitely worth the listen.


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