Celine Dion: it was just a dream ((Celinedion, Quebec, popmusic, Choparddiamondaward))

By Opulence Mavuso

When Celine Dion started her career as a musician, not only the world at large viewed it as it was only a dream. Like any other individuals who are tormented by self-doubts, Dion herself could have had such a sensation. But she did not.

Her first album, which is flavoured with some French ballads, entitled ?La Voix Du Bon Dieu? which literally means ?It was just a dream?, had its first breath in Quebec, Canada in 1981, and is where it was released. It was no surprise for being at the  Quebec Singles Chart for five weeks, at number 14.

?It was just a dream?, which is a compilation of ten songs, was funded by Rene Angelil, who would then become her future husband. This ?Dream?, when it first hit the streets, took the form of a national anthem, thus became the local number one hit, and crowned Dion an instant star in Quebec.

However, the ?dream? was threatened when Dion found herself in a stiff competition with the likes of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones whose skills and courage in music could never hope to match.

On the other end, she seemed to suffer other ?blows? from the inevitable Whitney Houston who, around those days firmly established herself by initiating a self-titled debut album ?Whitney Houston?- an album that promoted her to international prominence. But Dion?s polished voice propelled her and defied the challenge.

When R&B music  took a turn in the 1990s, enlisting the likes Maria Carey, Dion had already amassed unsurpassed achievements as a result of international tours. It was the prolific ?dream? that largely influenced other jams like; Beauty and the Beast, Where does my heart beat now with soft rock musical style that Dion has utilized to-date: sweeping, classically influenced ballads.

After releasing ?Falling into you? in 1996 Dion?s career seemed to shrink to a dead-end, but ?My heart will go on?, which was featured in the same album is undeniably sharing the same DNA with the ?Dream?, since both pieces are marked by soft rhythmic instrumentation.

In the turn of the twenty-first century, notably after the release of A New Day Has Come in 2002, Dion?s success has been engineered by a tradition of annual release of jazzy, classical pieces of music that has given shape to pop music, taking home her a Chopard Diamond Award at the World Music Award, with an undeducted sale of 200 million albums sold worldwide, according to Sony Music Entertainment.


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