Bebop and a twist of pop

By Natalie Austin


  Photo by William Rutten Back it Up

Just by looking at last year’s debut release, this Dutch jazz
inspired singer has claimed a place in the world of retro jazz. Caro
Emerald’s first single Back it up was released in Holland on July 6
2010, it has claimed a title higher than that of Michael Jackson’s  Thriller, beating its noteworthy 26 week run by another week.

Born Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw, Emerald’s sultry singing and
performances are a force to be reckoned with. Flavoured with
cinematic spice and eclectic 40’s and 50’s accents, Emerald takes a
step back into time with the hit Back it up, featured in the album
Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor. In 2010 alone, the album
maintained the number one position for 30 weeks and achieved platinum
in just six. The album has sold over 270,000 copies to date under Grandmono Records.

Already having made 12 songs on the album, Emerald has experimented
with many forms of retro jazz, ballroom, tango, and mambo.The real beauty
behind her songs is in the seemingly effortless stream of her smoky voice
that is oh so capable of luring listeners to simply give in and bop away.

Memorable mashups of traditional Spanish brass in Riviera life, to
record spins and piano preludes in You don’t love me, to snippets of
Louis Armstrong scats in Dr. Wanna do, encompass the wide range of
the vintage and contemporary fusions. Her voice lulls in A Night like
, blending hums and lyrics, whisking listeners away into the
seductive mystery of The lipstick on his collar. The pure escapism of
the album transcends time and transports listeners to another world.
The unique and refreshing music exposes many to another era, even
compensating for the lyrical repetitions.

Emerald and her musical team have been recognised for their work and
earned along with many others the:
–     Dutch Edison Award for Best Female
–     MTV EMA Award for Best Dutch and Belgian Act
–     EBBA Award
–     Buma Silva Harp for Best Artist and Song

Four of the albums songs have music videos, including A Night like
, Stuck , Back it up and That Man, each with its own grand
undertaking of multimodal imagery and effective artistry.

Emerald, as a trained jazz vocalist, captures the vivacity of a
bygone time and revives it with the pure vocal talents and the wide
array of orchestral backing tracks. This Emerald is a true gem in the


  Picture from -A Night like This


One thought on “Bebop and a twist of pop

  1. Love this band, and yes bebop with a twist of pop is definitely how to describe it …why can’t modern music be like this?

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