Bass “Aweh!ness” Kicks In




Photo: Jess Poulos
By Anje Smit

With their bracing bass wobbles and cracking snares, modern dubstep  Djs Smash n Grab are intending to spread “bass aweh!ness” all over South Africa with their rearranged noise and sex music remixes. “Playing music that they wanted to hear, but were not hearing anywhere else”. “Dubstep ranges in style melodious instrumentals to dark, techy and distorted numbers”.  The main focus for duo Jwan Levin and Justin Shaw is music centered on bass.

Bass creates love on the dance floor as the “drop” happens when the bass kicks in” “, while fans are getting aroused when the bass line gets pushed through.  Justin describes it as a “physical thing” and that “you do not just listen to it, you feel it”. According to this talented duo if “your ears are not tuned into dubstep it scares you” when standing in front of a speaker were the bass is mesmerizing and you do not know what is about to hit you.Justin describes “the way the sound drops and you are able to feel it right in your gut”, as one of the most satisfying experiences. Their sound is fun for the whole head-nodding, bass-bombing, hi-hat tapping family and this is proved by the compassion and liveliness they show behind the decks.

“Being able to listen to a song is “kiff”, but that sensation of someone jamming to a song that is way “kiff””. With hits such as “The Werewolf” their “aweh!ness” has started to spread beyond the small local scene of Grahamstown, leading them to great success, playing at major events such as the Courage Party in Durban and Earthdance Nelson Mandela bay. Their fresh new age feel has brought many to love dubstep the way they do, and so dubstep has found homes in the playlists of many. It is so complex, so epiphanic, and so weighty that those who have not had at least some of their attentions honed on the elemental ooze of dubstep are far behind in the “age of the drop”.

For people looking to broaden their dubstep horizons, this duo is a fantastic, and necessary, documentation of dubstep so far and will surely serve as an introduction for many wide-eyed kids who are drooling and yearning for more bass.

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