Adele?s new album skyrockets again

Ntobeko Khumalo
((tags: Adele 19 ,British singer, 3.2 million copies , United Kingdoms charts. ))

Adele?s new album skyrockets again
After the phenomenal, popular and heartfelt album, Adele 19 that won her Best New Artist and Best New Local Performance at the Grammy Awards in 2008 for her song, ?Chasing Pavements? hit waves in the United Kingdom and in many parts of the world. Now 23 yearold singer, Adele, released her second album named after her age, Adele21 that sky-rocketed around the world again.
Released on the 21 January 2011, the album consists of eleven songs, namely ?Rolling in the deep?, ?Someone like you? and ?Set fire to the rain?. The album differs from Adele19 because it has an acoustic sound that brings in the theme of being in love, but being hurt by someone you love. It also lets the listener identify with who they are and the nature of their relationship. British singer, Adele tries in this album, to let listeners become soul-connected in her songs by taking on what everyone faces; love and sings from her heart. This album captures a change from adolescence and into the start of adulthood. Adele?s latest album is set on the idea behind her last relationship with an ex-lover that did not happen as expected.
The lyrics from all of her songs are deep. They each carry a sentimental message and evoke emotions from one?s heart that tells she is speaking from experience. Her leading single, ?Rolling in the deep?, became a number one hit on the United Kingdoms charts. Followed shortly by her second single, ?Set fire to the rain? in a mind blowing performance at the BritAwards, achieved her the success of eighteen non-consecutive weeks at number one in the United Kingdom. The album has sold over 3.2 million copies in the UK alone and it is no lie that listeners are hooked to this exceptional and diverse voice Adele has.
I am satisfied with every song in the album and can honestly say that for listeners who are in love, broken-hearted or enjoy lyrics that go beyond the horizon, this album covers all spheres. Globally, the album has sold about ten million copies and this is because of the second album and beautifully sound of Adele21, there is no doubt a third one is not already awaited.

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