Acoustic- Friends & Total Strangers

By Nina van Tonder


Picture from: The

Canadian born rock band, The Trews, have been rocking the world of
music together for almost 14 years. The band has had eleven top-10
singles, received two gold records, and have performed in almost 1 000
concerts, which include three Australian tours.

The Trews was formed and started in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada in
1997. The band consists of four members: the bassist, Jack Syperek;
the drummer, Sean Dalton; vocalist and guitarist,Colin MacDonald; and,
finally, guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, who were playing together in
high school under the name One I?d Trouser which was taken from a
line in a Monty Python movie called The Meaning of Life.

The band has released several albums, including: the latest, Hope and
, Highway of Heroes, No Time for Later, Den of Thieves, House of
Ill Fame, and Acoustic- Friends & Total Strangers which was released
in October 2009.

This album is perfect for all occasions as it contains songs that one
is able to relax to, socialise to, and drink and sing along to. One of
the best things about this album is that it has all of the favourite
songs from previous albums on it, which have been recorded differently
but which are still as great as they have always been.

The folksy use of the guitar in songs like Poor Ol Broken Hearted Me,
and the sing along fashion in which parts of the songs are sung,
brings a small town feel to the album which almost makes you feel like
you are a part of the family. However, one can still feel the rock
element of the band in songs like Den of Thieves.

The fact that the album was recorded live adds to the homey atmosphere
of it, but also allows well known and loved songs to be changed and
sung in different ways which are equally amazing. The fun that the
members of the band have in being able to have the freedom to play the
way they want to, is evident upon listening to the songs on the album.
This album has a general light hearted vibe about it that draws the
listener in time and time again. Fans of all ages will appreciate this
album as it is familiar, but new and exciting at the same time.   

The only aspect of this album that can be criticised is the fact that
it isn?t several hours longer!



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