A Pinch of Will, Weirdos and Weed

Christina De Gouveia


Will And The People is a multigenre pop group described as ?pop music from the earth? influenced heavily by reggae sound and acoustics.  Will And The People were born from a 20 man audience in the Rabbit Hole where they performed regular gigs eventually raising a 200 man audience and now providing music to the masses beginning at 3 am with a Bloody Mary in their hands and cordials of reggae, pop, grunge and ska. As the fame and attention about them spread, the band landed themselves a recording deal within a few months of performing to the public.           
Inspired by their love of Bob Marley, travelling, meeting new people, performance, music and owning a cannabis plant the band has been able to grow as a family and write songs which reflect their chilled vibes in living and loving life.                                                                       
Their fresh and honest lyrics are all so different from one another but are brought together by the unique sound that each song is flavored with bringing Will and his people the fame that they have successfully acquired- even having performed at the Royal Wedding in Bath for William and Kate.                       
Their album EP includes the hit songs Salamander, Mary and Weirdos which are three of the most successful singles out of the six song album. Weirdos is a mixture of ska and pop. Opening with a ska-embodied intro of trumpets, beats and vocals, it moves into a fully-fuelled pop chorus that embodies the sound of reggae-love. The ska beats will catch any listener?s ear with Will?s catchy vocals which make it impossible not to sing along; it is an irresistible song which will capture the heart and soul of any feel-good loving individual.                                                 
The music video for Weirdos follows the theme of the bands? name with Will and his people. It shows Will wondering about London on a sunny day, persuading assorted strays and misfits to join his merry gang by means of his catchy pop tune, culminating in a house party gig full of weirdos which is exactly what will happen to anyone upon hearing the tune.                  
Will And The People have currently been touring the UK and the rest of Europe, labeling their hometown Brighton and Italy and Amsterdam as their ultimate performance hotspots. Get into the chilled-Marley groove of life and listen to the sweet-smoky sounds of Will and the people. Join the Facebook group of Will And The People to find out more on their tours and upcoming albums.



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