“21” times better than before.

Photo retrieved from Rhythm and Groove

From being the innocent 19 year old blues women, sharing her tales and curiosity about love and its heart break and her life in London, two years later, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, better known as Adele[1], expresses the wound of love that has cut her deeply in every note she produces. In her first album, /19/, she had amazing and sentimental lyrics and a voice that intrigued and captivated millions. Such as the hit /Chasing Pavements/. Yet they still didn?t seem to be perfect for her or at least weren?t able to carry her powerful voice, the beautiful melodies and hit the toughened tone that she can now hit after two years in her latest album, /21/.

The British singer-songwriter has refined and reinvented her unique sound as she leans towards a more country and R&B approach, still clinging to her trademark piano ballads, allowing her aching and soulful vocals to spread their wings and capture your heart. The ?have to have? album, co-produced by Rick Rubin and Florence and the Machine helmsmen Paul Epworth, starts off with your emotions running deep with the single “/Rolling in the Deep/,” released 24th January in the UK and the 22nd February in the US and Canada. Her way with poetry defines the true experience of love. ?The scars of your love, they leave me breathless, (You?re gonna wish you never had met me)?, resembles the pain and expression of love and hate that she felt for her ex, all in one sentence. Then there?s a positive charm that gives a new vibe to the album in “/I?ll be waiting/,” where she finds hope in re-uniting with her ex lover, and a few tracks later, realizes the finality of the romance in the closing ballad with only her voice and the piano, /”Someone Like You/.”

/”Someone like you,”/ became Adele’s second number one single on the Billboard Hot 100[2] in the US and still holds its place in the week of November the 5th. With “/Rolling in the Deep/,” released almost a year ago, sitting close behind it at number twenty seven; this has clearly left a mark on people?s hearts. After selling over 208,000 copies in the first week of release and being on the chart for 39 weeks, 21, comes in at number four on The UK Top 40 Albums Chart.[3] It is so warm yet sends shivers rippling down your spine, at the same time it is cold but still manages to gets your heart racing, ?Who ever knew how bitter sweet this would taste,? as she would say. With every Lily Allen, there?s a Duffy or a Kate Nash, but the music industry will never find ?someone like you?, Adele.

Video retrieved from YouTube.

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