Zahara going places with Loliwe


Artist: Zahara Mkutukane
Album name: Loliwe

By: Leona Dibakoane
So everyone has been talking about Zahara, and I could not help but be curious who the person creating so much hype was and what he/she was all about. I researched Zahara, and there she was, an Afro centric looking woman posed with her guitar.

The first song to welcome you on the album is an upbeat, acoustic guitar dominated song entitled Destiny. Very rich and sincere in its lyrical content, Zahara uses this track to tell us what it took for her to realize her dream. Destiny is one of those songs that can easily be compared to the styles of famous acoustic songs such India Arie?s Video and Colbie Callat?s Falling for you.

Umthwalo digs into the spiritual aspect of Zahara that she highlights as the core of her being. It is a beautiful ballad in which she calls out for divine intervention in her quest for survival.

The ballad is succeeded by the radio single, Loliwe, which speaks beautifully about holding on to the hope of being home. Many artists have written about being home, but Zahara applied divine intelligence to the song, likening home to heaven, which she does through sampling Phezulu eNkosini, a brilliantly written song.

Zahara then goes upbeat and traditional with Xa bendingena mama. Here she sings about the important role that a mother plays in any child?s life. Even with a profound message embedded in the song, it is written and performed such that one can easily dance to it.

Ndiza, my personal favourite, is beautifully rested upon sounds of just guitar and piano. I think what makes this song particularly beautiful is how well she has entangled the melody into the beautiful lyrics. Here she sings about purifying the heart before time passes by.

Every artist has one song that they love to keep pure, even though DJ?s may prefer to make a dance version of, and Lengoma and it is filled with the notion of the power of music to heal.

Throughout the album, Zahara speaks a beautiful message about hope and holding on to dreams. She?s the appropriate person to do that, given that she sold double platinum in just over a month. This album is truly genuine and can easily be enjoyed by fans of such musicians such as India Arie, Colbie Callat, Tu Nokwe and Simphiwe Dana.

This is one of Robbie Malinga?s best ever known productions. He and Mojalefa Thebe have established themselves as reputable producers and TS Records have a very important role to ensure that this gem continues shines.


((Tags: Zahara, India Arie?s Video, Colbie Callat?s Falling for you., double platinum, Tu Nokwe, Simphiwe Dana, Robbie Malinga?s, TS Records))


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