Where words fail this music speaks By Savannah Wilmot

Universal Music- Mumford and Sons Album Cover
The year 2007 saw the formation of a music sensation that spoke to the heart through its deep flowing lyrics and haunting melodies.  Mumford and Sons have captured many music lovers imagination with the release of their album Sigh No More . Released in 2009 in the United Kingdom, the album is steeped in emotive banjo beats carrying words of wisdom straight to the listener?s soul. The album, etched in indie-folk and indie-pop sounds, acts as a balm to one?s anxieties and hardships, washing over the listeners in a heart to heart with their very being.
The four friends began their musical careers in various bands throughout London. However when performing impromptu renditions to friends using Marcus Mumford?s first attempts at song writing, there was soon the realisation that what came out of the four of them was embedded in uniqueness and possibilities. Brought together by the need to create music that matters, the four man band is compromised of Marcus Mumford, Marshall “Country” Winston, Ben Lovett, Ted Dwane. Each one plays multiple instruments while creating a wash of enthusiastic encouragement found in the depth of their voices. The blend of instruments consists of the guitar, drums, mandolin and banjo; constructing an exotic blend of indie tunes leaving room for contemplation and release of emotions flowing from the carefully chosen lyrics and deeply emotive cracked voices.
The album begins with the title track Sigh No More dressed in romantic language as it sings “Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you / It will set you free / Be more like the man you were made to be.”Each of the tracks following captures an evocative and reflective mood with the zeal never fading all the way to the tack The Cave. With the simple words ?it’s empty in the valley of your heart/ the sun/ it rises slowly as you walk/ away from all the fears/ and all the faults you’ve left behind? one sees the depth of romance and fire that surround the lyrics and their haunting messages of remorse, redemption and renewal.
If you are a lover of intimate music filled with soulful meaning, Sigh No More is guaranteed to be an album replayed and re-enjoyed with every listening. Multiple layers of messages backed with a fiery beat of enthusiasm and energy will undoubtedly leave the listener rejuvenated after each playing. Every song leaves a seed of courage in the listener to leave behind one?s fears and embrace life with romance in their heart and fervour in their soul.
Smoody13 (2010, 31 January). Mumford and Sons- The Cave- Official Music Video HD [Video File].

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