Warning: Explicit, Zef and Futuristic!


By Justine Banda

“Zef is not something you can explain but something you can experience…you know when you proceed to a new level on a video game? That next level? That?s what ‘zef’ is fokken about” – Ninja.

Gold teeth, gold chains, self-made tattoos, mullets, cycler sunglasses, dagga puffs and ?Suid- Afrikaanse styl?. These are but few a words to describe this phenomenal musical crew.

South African based Zef rap-rave crew Die Antwoord began in 2009 when their hit single ‘Enter the Ninja’ was released on the ‘interweb’, that being, zef slang for ‘internet’.

Their hit single landed them a contract with Interscope Records, home to many famous musicians and rap artists around the globe.

Made up of three members, Ninja, Yolandi Vi$$er and the enigmatic and mysterious DJ Hi-Tek, Die Antwoord has changed the concept of music in South Africa and are the proud creators of a new era of zef rap-rave music.

From the way Die Antwoord conducts itself to the media, to the hardcore yet conceptually abstract art form of music, one would definitely receive Die Antwoord as unique on its own grounds.

“We make music for everyone, not some cool little trend, our music is made for anyone young enough to think and old enough to understand” states Ninja.

With its explicit lyrics and highly criticised political and social content, Die Antwoord continues to provide next level beats and creatively designed visuals for its listeners.

Die Antwoord recently released its very first album by the title $O$ with hit singles like ?Zef Side?, ?Doosdronk? (featuring ?Cooler as Ekke? hit single artist Jack Parow) and ?Rich Bitch? a showy song explaining Yolandi?s life story and her success in the moment of fame.

Pivoted by a number of interweb-sites such as YouTube, watkykjy and self-created Die Antwoord.com, the rap rave crew has successfully shown the youth the possibilities of making fame through the use of social media.

Die Antwoord openly accepts criticism from all their ‘haters’, expressing this quite openly in the song ‘Fish Paste’ where Ninja tells all his obsessed fans where to get off.

Die Antwoord remains a misunderstood by many and understood by few musical concept, the love child of several diverse cultures from black to white, Zulu to Afrikaans, normal and… Alien. It is (as Ninjas tattoo expressly states) ‘ugly on the skin and pretty from within’.

?They said I was a loser, they said I was a no-one they said I was a fokken psycho, but look at me now all up in the interweb, worldwide, futuristic, enter the ninja, Yolandi Vi$$er, DJ Hi-Tek, Die Antwoord…dis myne!? – Ninja


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