velociraptor Attack!

by Kiera-Marie Loughrey

Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

Kasabian, culturally diverse in nature, this indie rock band has been exploring new influences in composing their latest album Velociraptor! With each song taking you to different heights, the album is an absolute journey. An unsure adventure. Appealing to the fans, Kasabian are seemingly playing it safe, as their June single, Switchblade Smiles, picks up from where their previous album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum left off. This eclectic eastern song crawls dreamily into the indie scene in full force. In a trance-like beat, but club like rhythm this quirky introduction to their newest album could cater for fans far and in-between. This uneasy track is a shift from the rest of the album.


The album meanders, changing from trademark songs such as Velociraptor to lyrical ballads filled with psychedelic soul and blues riffs.


Setting the mood for what is to come, the album leads with

?Let?s Roll Just Like We Used To?, a foundation song keeping the bands whimsical essence but adding a new flavour. Of the slower songs, Neon Noon echoes an agreeable melodic moan, intertwined with stretched strings, and electro beats. One of the first expressive songs, I think fans will welcome the new expansion in the Kasabian taste.  The flamenco feel hints through the music, which doesn?t exactly match the band from Britain. However, classic Kasabian seeps through their number eight song, Re-wired. With a nonsensical catch, something that our boys do best, this song has the foundation of a single.


Kicking it up a notch, Velciraptor, again the raw Kasabian is heard. ?Velociraptor / he gonna find / he gonna kill ya / he gonna eat ya? -exposing a concert favourite, this fist-pumping track is filled with a familiar indie eccentricity.


This album conveys a long need development from Kasabian. Velociraptor! Highlights the fully formed songs that fans have been waiting for. Consisting of their usual in your face boldness, the British boys, now seemingly men, have matured into their newly discovered slower introspective taste. 
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An alternative band offering more than just an easily listen. With a well composed album, Kasabian?s Velciraptor! is most definitely grabbing a few more listeners. An indie journey, come for the ride.


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