Up All Night with Razorlight

By Adrian Romeo

The band Razorlight formed in London in 2002 with band members
Johnny Borrel (vocals and guitar), Bjorn Agren (back-up vocals and
guitar), Carl Dalemo (bass, backing vocals) and Christian
Smith-Pancorvo (drums). They are an English indie rock band with loads
of energy and attitude.


The album Up All Night was their debut album that officially launced
in 2004 and by this time the drummer had been replaced by Andy
Burrows. This album is one of the pioneers of the indie rock
revolution that has swept the world. It is a mix of influences like
old school english rock band The Who and modern rock band The Strokes
while going further and exploring their own artistic talents. So if
you are looking for an album that?s not as whinny as The Kooks and
with more energy than The Hives while having as much soul as both of
those put together then I would definitely say this is the one for
you. Up All Night also gives you that feeling of listening to a new
genre, not because they have invented one but they deliver every song
with such confidence and professionalism for a debut that it feels
like they are paving their own way through the indie world.

Razorlight has released two more albums since then; self title
album Razorlight in 2006 and Slipway Fires in 2008. However they have
been plagued with drama as currently only the original member
remaining of Razorlight is the  lead guitarist/singer Johnny Borrel.
Agren has been replaced by Gus Robertson and Carl Dalemo has been
replaced by Freddie Stiltz. So if you really do enjoy indie rock ?n
roll then this is definitely another reason to get your hands on Up
All Night, it captures their fresh spirit and enthusiasm that
surrounds most debut albums. While their latter two albums have gone
the way of all indie rock these days, into pop so if you are a true
fan of indie rock or just plain old school rock n roll this is a great

Razorlight have performed all over the world and have contributed
their song Kirby?s House to the War Child charity album. They are a
band that is continuing to change and evolve always offering something
more, they are even set to release a fourth album in the near future.


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