Time to let it go

Time to let it go

By Laura Skippers


Kirk Franklin “Hello Fear” album via Blackgrooves

Kirk Franklin [1] who’s claim to fame is “I can’t sing, but I’m
gonna work hard for you to like me”, has once again delivered a
quality solo album.

“Hello Fear” released in March of this year marked his much
anticipated return to the music scene since he last released an album
in December 2007.

His latest offering has definitely been worth the wait as the album
features the likes of the talented Marvin Sapp [2], Mario Winans, Nikki
Ross and up and coming sensation Isaac Carree.

I was recently exposed to this album after having the privilege of
seeing him perform live in Cape Town during the June vacation. Being
an avid listener of his music since I was first introduced to his
album “God’s Property” in 1997, I was particularly inspired by
the new message his album addresses.

The album and title track ‘Hello Fear’ speaks to the notion of how
we as individuals are constantly faced with decisions and challenges
in life that we need to overcome. Instead of accepting our situation,
the message encourages individuals to fight back and take charge of
their future irrespective of the trials they have faced which made
them feel worthless.

Overall, the album delivers that high calibre of music Franklin
consistently delivers and improves on with each release. This is
because he is not afraid to take risks and break boundaries by
producing music people need to hear as opposed to what he thinks they
need to hear. His music over the past 18 years has evolved from simply
following trends in order to create material that appeals to all ages
to a level where his life experiences are drawn upon as a foundation
to encouraging people that you are able to succeed no matter what
challenges you may face.

The hit single ‘I Smile’ off the album is by far my favourite
track. The music video which features celebrities such as Mary Mary [3]
(Erica and Tina Campbell), Donnie McClurkin [4] and Franklin’s wife,
Tammy, simply highlights the power of our attitude in the way we
approach life. Upon its debut to the Billboard [5] charts in February,
the single continued to climb the charts until it peaked at number 1 in the Gospel
category in its 11th week and maintained this position for 24 weeks.

In Franklin’s letter featured on the CD he writes, “fear may
continue to knock on our door, but we no longer have to answer”.
It’s now up to us to choose: will you persevere or continue to allow
your fears to take hold of you and control your destiny?

Kirk Franklin “I Smile” music video via YouTube

[1] http://www.kirkfranklin.com/

[2] http://www.marvinsapp.com

[3] http://www.ilovemarymary.com

[4] http://www.donniemcclurkin.com

[5] http://www.billboard.com/charts/gospel-songs#/charts/gospel-songs


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