The Soul Moving Prodigy

By: Melanie Herholdt

With fully booked nation-wide tours and yet another record on the way, it is no doubt that Dan Patlansky is a sold-out South African blues legend. Born in Johannesburg, Dan was raised on a strict diet of B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, which had a major impact on Dan?s style today.

Dan has been hailed the ?6 string prodigy? by many, but others have claimed that he does not have any soul. Skilled, however, he definitely is with tour dates booked way in advance and filled up venues on the night of performance. His most recent album release, Move My Soul, astounded audiences across South Africa, with much of the content written by himself, with a few songs belonging to the likes of B.B. King and other big-name blues musicians.

The album contains 13 tracks, each of varying tempo and feel, none quite like the other, a testament to Dan?s range of skills in the difficult ability of playing blues, and playing it well. Of the tracks, the ones that stand out the most are Luca, the namesake – Move My Soul, Jump On, Come & Play, That?s Alright Mama, and Big Things Going Down.

Luca is the longest track on the album, a rollercoaster of power and vulnerability, of highs and lows, volume and peace. It is a marvel to the senses. Move My Soul is a refreshing collaboration with a female voice, and soulful music that grasps one?s soul. Jump On is a fun twist on the more sombre tracks, and more typical of a fast-paced blues track. It gets one?s feet tapping. Come & Play can be seen as the trademark of the album, a description of the contents but original in its own right. That?s Alright Mama is a remake of the original by Arthur Crudup, also remixed by Elvis Presley, which is one track on the album that is a let-down, as it is not an easy listen like the rest of the album, but is a showcase to Dan?s incredible speed when playing. Big Things Going Down is probably the most soulful track on the album, with a long no-vocal intro and smooth tunes setting the perfect mood for a relaxed night at home alone, with a glass of wine and a good book.

The album is a must-buy for any blues fanatic, or anyone interested in a deviation from the norm of pop culture. With a new album releasing early 2012, one can be sure to enjoy sweet, sweet blues for a long time to come.

Come & Play ? Dan Patlansky

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