The Kooks heat it up ((The Kooks, UK, Indie, Na??ve, Luke Pritchard, Inside In/Inside Out, MTV Europe Music Awards, Brit Awards, pop, reggae, ska))

Formed in Britain, East Sussex, the Kooks are an English Indie rock band that has taken the UK by storm! Their laid back chilled music style and catchy lyrics are a great way to unwind after a stressful day and even more perfect to get one in a good mood instantly. Their lyrics are truth which a lot of people of all ages can relate to. A self-described “pop” band, their music is primarily influenced by the 1960s British Invasion movement and post-punk revival of the new millennium.
They display maturity but also with a fervour of kids and projects a wide-eyed charm that is very endearing. Although they have various influences and variety of songs sounding similar to other artist?s style of music, in the end the band definitely sounds like The Kooks and no one else. However, a nice and unique sound doesn?t mean much without some songs to fill it out and that?s why The Kooks have a great variety of tracks on their album such as ?Na??ve?, ?She moves in her own way?, ?Seaside? and a great deal more. Adding to their diversity is the fact that they have experimented with many different music genres such as pop, rock, Britpop, reggae and ska.
The Kooks was formed by Luke Pritchard (vocals/guitar), Hugh Harris (lead guitar), Paul Garred (drums), and Max Rafferty (bass guitar) and their line up remained constant until 2008 and the departure of Rafferty. Dan Logan was drafted in as a temporary replacement, until Peter Denton joined the band on a permanent basis in October 2008. Early in 2010 Pritchard announced the departure of drummer Paul Garred, due to a nerve problem in his arm.
Signed to Virgin Records just three months after forming, The Kooks broke into the musical mainstream with their debut album Inside In/Inside Out (2006). The album was ultimately successful, achieving quadruple platinum status in the UK within a year and also overseas in the form of a platinum certification in Australia and two times platinum in Ireland. The Kooks found themselves entering into mainstream media attention, with the band winning the award for Best UK & Ireland Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006 and picking up a nomination at The Brit Awards for the single “She Moves in Her Own Way?

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This is a music video of the song called “naive” by The Kooks.

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These pictures are Press pictures of the band “The Kooks”

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