The Elephant In The Room

By Megan Burton

Ever wondered what happened to those alternative[1] kids back in the
day? You know, the ones who sat around in their garage with their
crappy guitars, flannel shirts and uncombed fro’s?  I’m sure
there are still a few who haven’t moved, haven’t changed and are
still dreaming. Dreaming of a life filled with rock, fame and fortune.

It’s rare we find those who actually made that dream a reality. The
garage rock revival [2]scene gained mainstream appeal through these
dreamers and their bands, one such band called The White Stripes.

The white stripes was an American alternative rock band. The band was
formed by Jack White and Meg White in 1997. Jack White handled the
vocals, guitar and keyboard whilst his wife Meg preformed on the
drums. The couple released several singles and three albums before
splitting in 2011.

The White Stripes merged punk rock and blues during the garage rock
revival scene which was all about raw rock and roll. De Stijl, 
Elephant, Get Behind Me Satan, Icky Thump,  and White Blood Cells
were among the albums released by the band.


Elephant is the fourth album released by The White Stripes and is also
a Grammy[3] winning album. The release of Elephant spear-headed the
bands major label debut as it claimed the title of Best Alternative
Music Album in the 2004 Grammy Awards.   

Jack and Meg White recorded Elephant in Toe Rag Studios in Hackney,
East London. The studio only consisted of equipment from 1964 which
merely contributed to the band’s unique blend of blues and rock
reflected in this album. This album varies in style with each song
from the tempo and strumming of Jack’s guitar to the sound of his
voice and the proceeding silences, enticing to listeners.   

Seven Nation Army is the first track on the album Elephant and won
2001’s Grammy award for Best Rock Song. I enjoy this song
essentially because it is real and deep in relation to Jack and
Meg’s rise to fame and the negativities which surrounded them
thereafter. It’s about me, Meg and the people we’re dating” said

It’s nice to know the music industry still has real artists out
there trying to make a difference one song at a time while retaining
their originality without conforming. Elephant is a pure example of
this originality, its uniqueness hits you like a stampede.



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