The Destiny Continues…((Grammy awards,Beyonce,entertainment,Jay Z,The soul Train,music awards,vocalist,rapper))))


By: Tshepiso Linda
It?s true what they say, age is just a number indeed at the age of 30 this diva could still out stage her teenage competitors. Grammy award winning Beyonce never fails to deliver. Once lead singer of female group Destiny?s Child it looks like her destiny still continues. Now on her fourth debut album titled 4, her musical genius is undeniable. The title of this album has sentimental value the mumber 4 is her birth day as well as her successful rapper husband Jay Z. With award winning Hit dance track from her new album Run The World?she clearly still knows how to work that sexy yet elegant body. Beyonce is a humble soul and this is perpetuated in her music through her sincere heartfelt lyrics .It has been 3 years since her last release judging from her sales records the wait has been worth her fans while. Her album is a compilation of slow love songs and dance tracks that are sure to start up a loud party. With 5 nominees for The Soul Train Music Awards which is an annual award show which honours the best artist in black entertainment. Beyonce has become a house hold name, this female vocalist shows an understanding of her strong voice which she peppers with her enticing appearance, this is surely her recipe for success. With motivational track titled I was here sure to uplift your mood on those blue days. She is well known for her love songs which release her loving soft nature. I miss you, I care, Love on top and popular hit track best thing I never had are among the R&B collection. This is a well rounded album that has the best of both worlds of vibrancy and serenity. This is among her best works which have an instrumental flair partnering soothing vocals .Her album comprises of 12 tracks ,this time she did not include a bonus album ,fans do not despair remember quality beats quantity. I am personally not a Beyonce but truth be told this women is a born performer and musical genius. She has included a couple of sing along tracks but then again it?s hard not to sing along to these songs trust me I no. This is definitely value for money and I would advice all to get it, whether young or old this is a 2011 must have.


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