The Boyz are back

By Mthokozisi Khumalo


Boys II Men are back to continue with journey of history making. With
their recently released album entitled /Twenty/[1], Boyz II Men have
proved to be the best in the RnB field.?? Naming their album Twenty,
is part of the celebration for their two decades in the music
industry. The album was released on the 25th of October.

/Twenty/ is a 21 track double CD collection, comprised of 12 new
tracks on CD1 and the remakes of their popular hit songs such as, /End
Of The Road/[2], /On Bended Knee/[3] and many more on CD2. This is
their first album in almost a decade and it looks promising to return
or maintain the likes of the Legendary Boyz II men.

The very first track of the album, /Believe/, is very much inspiring
and speaks directly against colour and gender stereotypical agendas.
It speaks about an imagined new world order rooted in love that is
possible only if we believe. Their lyrics[4] of the song confirm that
they are one of the most experienced groups in the music industry. On
this album Boyz II Men, has worked with other artists such as Teddy
Riley[5], Babyface[6], Charlie Wilson[7], Dallas Austin[8] and many
more, which makes their album the best.

If you have lost the one you love, particularly a soul mate, the song
/refuse to be the reason/ is definitely a track for you. I should
confess that I am not a fan of RnB, but tracks like /Benefit of a fool
/and /more than you will ever know, /which features Charlie Wilson,
got me climbing the hills, crossing the rivers and finally, lost in
the valley of love. /I??shoulda lied/ is another powerful features of
the album. Despite two decades in the game, the trio will surely get
you dancing and leave you smiling with their astounding voices.

Almost every song in the album is a classic. To the lovers of RnB and
good music, this album is a must have and one of the best of their
kind. Get your copy as soon as yesterday and I promise that you shall
never regret.



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