‘The Black Parade’ Keeps Going


By Amy Ebdon


?The Black Parade? album cover by My Chemical Romance from the website www.989thedrive.com

Welcome to the black parade 2006 album created by the band My Chemical Romance is such a powerful and thought provoking album that it makes the listener completely dependent on their new sound. The band channels their musical influences of Queen and Green Day perfectly so that it is no wonder that critics today compare the bands equally.

Compared to their old sounds, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge this musical group has matured dramatically and this new album just proves it. The experienced producer Rob Cavallo helped the band out on this album and has created an absolute masterpiece. Cavallo has previously worked on legendary band Green Days American Idiot album which went on to be a huge success and sell over 14 million copies.

This concept behind this album is similar to American Idiot where it told a story to the listener. This album tells the story of a young man who is dying. His death takes him back to The Black Parade where his father used to take him as a child. The title of each song starts a new chapter of his experience and gives deeper insight into the story being told.

The band creates a dynamic, wide-range of sounds which excites the listener. At times touching (cause all my hair abandoned all my body, all my agony – a line from their passionate and melodic song Cancer) and often inspiring (featuring lines such as I am not afraid to keep on living from Famous Last Words), the lyrics compel the listener?s attention.

The multi-layered guitar solos played in the song Dead make you want to jump off your chair in excitement, land centre stage, all the while playing your air guitar.  Their released hit Welcome to the black parade topped charts around the world. The first few keys of what one might call a creation of perfection send shivers down the spine.

What makes this album great is that not all the best tracks were released for public consumption. In fact some of the best tracks are sitting on the album waiting to be heard and tell their tale. The entire album looks at the different aspects to death, and although this sounds extremely morbid, bear in mind this musical creation is a must-listen. It is not only the lyrics, but the instruments; the melody and the singing make this album one of the best of our time.




My Chemical Romance hit song ?Welcome to the Black Parade? from YouTube.


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