Sweet Music for the Soul

By Stephanie Papini


With the use of their etherealness and charm the Australian brother and sister band, Angus and Julia Stone, have been able to set themselves apart the minute their sound is heard. Both being lovers of music and equally being talented in the field, they decided to unite and formed their indie folk band in 2005.
The sibling duo have a very distinct and unique vocal style but when combining both their styles together it seems to make up the sweetest compositions. Every song that has been produced has seen to be a success and each day their fan group grows larger. They each write up their own songs and then work together in perfecting the structure and harmonies. Smooth, delicate, and graceful would be the best way to describe Julia Stones voice. In complete juxtaposition to this would be the soulful voice of Angus Stone which gives the sound a more rich sincerity. It is this juxtaposition that seems to give them an authenticity that sets them apart from other folk singers.
A Book Like This was released in September 2007 and one is immediately intrigued by the enchanting sound. With their use of instruments such as the harmonica, violin, drums, acoustic guitar and piano and accompanied with the sound of her sweet, syrupy voice and his rough, coarse voice string up the most beautiful and genuine sounds that create songs such as “Silver Coin”, ?Just a Boy? and ?Mango Tree?. Their use of a wide range of instruments allow for this album to bring warmth and intensity to the listener. Each song of this album seems to take the listener on some nostalgic journey from childhood memories, summer trips, love affairs, and broken hearts. Each song speaks of a different journey and is filled with a deep meaning that each listener is able to relate to in some way.
If one does not particularly enjoy sitting in a field daydreaming of what could be, or setting off on a road trip with the wind bristling through their hair and accompanied by sweet tunes then perhaps this album would not fancy them. If one were to enjoy such things, then this album would be music for their soul that would only seem to enrich their lives. One is certainly able to walk away with a deep understanding and appreciation of their music and would surely be captivated by their sound.

Nettwerk Music Group (2008, 27 August). Angus and Julia Stone-Just a Boy -Official Music Video.


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