Sunday Has Been Taken Back!


Photo by: Joe Gall.

By Juan?? van Dyk

When a band reaches their peak you seldom expect their following albums to be of much worth. Yet when you sit back and relax for the 40 minutes that is the new Taking Back Sunday self titled album you?re taken for a little more than the ride you were expecting. It?s almost a full decade after their first studio releaseTell All Your Friends in 2002 and they?re definitely notCute Without the ?E?anymore.

The arrival of this album was met with much trepidation regarding the reuniting of the band members since their 2002 split after Tell All Your Friends. Adam Lazzara, along with Eddie Reyes (rhythm guitar) and Mark O?Connell (drums) reconciled with their former bassist and guitarist after about 9 years of using different members in their stead, but they?re giving their fans a huge welcome back with one heck of an album.

The album kicks off with the track titled El Paso giving your ears the pleasure of hearing penetrating drums and guitars that make your ears bleed with brilliance. Rising above these instruments are vocals from front-man Adam Lazzara like you?ve never heard him before.

Taking Back Sunday?s sound has changed: the drums are punchier, the guitar is meatier and the lyrics are a step beyond their previous albums. They?ve come a long way from their so called emo haircuts and they?re back with a bang to show their fan-base how much they?re actually capable of.

The album sports three music videos so far, two of which are teaser videos consisting of only lyrics, released just before the full release of the album. The first official single off the album, Faith (When I Let You Down) was the first song chosen for an official music video. The video is an abstract retelling of the story of their fall out in 2002 and their reconciliation, in which a cat leaves their band for fame only to return to the band after having learnt the value of friendship. 

The members of Taking Back Sunday have certainly progressed as musicians and they were definitely lucky enough to revert back to original members before they lost their spark. 2006?s Louder Now proudly sported MakeDamnSure which reached #2 on the United Stated Billboard 200. From here it was downhill for Taking Back Sunday. Their disappointing 2009 album New Again lacked the spark and performance of Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want to Be.

This self titled album surely is the band?s saving grace. There is a sort of nerve tingling excitement from what?s to come from the band in the future. If this is what they can produce after a decade of separation, the possibilities for the future are endless.

The album closes with the 4 minute ballad, Call Me In The Morning and you?re left with the feeling of nostalgia. The parting key strokes evoke a sense of beauty as the piano pulls at your heart strings. As the song ends with the lines: You never knew that it would take so long/
to understand you’re right where you belong there is the realisation that the members of Taking Back Sunday are now right where they all belong.

Taking Back Sunday Youtube Channel


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