Soulful Youth is here!

By Elri Steenkamp


Do you remember that feeling you got when you first thought you were in love? That feeling pretty such sums up Rachel Platten’s music. Rachel Platten’s debut album “Be Here”, released from Rock Ridge Music in 2011, showcases ten of her brilliantly happy and free-spirited tunes.

New York City born Platten combines the elements of piano-driven pop song writing with her soulful and uplifting voice to create unique contemporary songs, which stem from influences such as the Beatles, Carole King, Alanis Morissette and Regina Spektor.

Platten had a love for music for an early age after being classically trained on the piano at the age of 5 and while studying and interning at a record label abroad in Trinidad she was encouraged by her co-workers to start writing her own songs. At that point she became a back-up singer in a Soca band, which performed in front of 10 000 fans at Trinidad’s annual Soca Monarch Finals.

Upon returning to the States Platten enrolled at Boston’s famous Berklee School of Music and began formal piano, voice, guitar and songwriting classes. After graduating from college, Platten become well-known in the Connecticut music scene, but she soon realized that she had higher aspirations and moved back to New York City, where she met Mark Turrigiano, who co-produced “Be Here”with her.

According to Platten’s website her “uplifting, instantly catchy anthems celebrate the love and light in the world with a passionate intensity that has been missing on the radio dial for far too long.”

About her own songs Platten say, “They’re positive and poppy, without ever sacrificing the hard truths out there that we all have to live through.”

The songs on her debut release won her “Best New Artist” and “Vocalist” at the Harvard Advocate Music Awards. Her song “1000 ships” has already become a hit and an internet sensation, by climbing the Hot AC Charts’ top 50 and it was recommended on Hype podcast Ben Schoen and Andrew Sims. “1000 ships” is a heart-warming song, which stirs something jubilant in your spirit and leaves the listener open to hope for a happy ending.

With other uplifting and catchy songs such as “53 Steps” and “Nothing Ever Happens’ Platten’s album is a breath of fresh air, which carries universal messages of hope. Rachel Platten?s music seems to embody the idea of youthful joy and the soulful maturing of youth into adulthood.

Fan-made video for Rachel Platten’s song “1000 ships” (By Youtube vlogger Strawburry17)

Music video for Rachel Platten’s song “Nothing Ever Happens”


(From her website-


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