Shuffling their way to success

By Joshua Oates


LMFAO, the uncle-nephew duo of Redfoo and SkyBlu, has shuffled their way to the top of the charts this year with their new album ? Sorry for Party Rocking. LMFAO?s hit song Party Rock Anthem earned them a deserved place at the top of the charts in seven different countries worldwide, and the music video is nearing 270 million views on YouTube in seven months.

Stephan Redfoo Gordy and his nephew Skylar Sky Blu Gordy have managed to get two of their songs in the USA Top 40 Singles chart, at the same time. Party Rock Anthem is currently at number 8 on the chart, while their follow-up song Sexy and I Know It is currently ranked at number 4.

The Los-Angeles based duo has a light-hearted, comical feel to their lyrics, and combined with catchy melodies, makes their songs addictive ? you?ve just got to dance!  Their career began five years ago when their award-winning song I?m In Miami, Bitch caught the attention of and Interscope Records. According to their biography, Redfoo and are childhood friends, and Redfoo produced the Black Eyed Pea?s first demo in his home studio.

LMFAO?s music videos have also received much attention, thanks to their sense of fashion, innovative dance moves – such as the addictive Shuffle – and unique recurring characters like the shuffling Robot. Their quirky song Sexy and I Know It has passed 65 million views on YouTube in one month, followed by Champagne Showers with over 51.6 million views.

The album primarily consists of party tunes, which are guaranteed to get any party started. LMFAO show their diversity when they experiment with different genres, for example, Rock the Beat II is a Dubstep track. On the whole, Sorry for Party Rocking is a cohesive album ? if you like one song, chances are you will like them all. Different artists who are renowned for their club songs also feature in the album. Calvin Harris and his distinct melodies can be found in /Reminds Me of You/, and features in Best Night. With such talented artists making an appearance with LMFAO, the album is guaranteed to be a success.

The name of the album was chosen as a party person?s excuse for having fun, says Redfoo – Let?s say your parents say stop shuffling upstairs you?re waking me up! You can now just say Sorry for party rocking, Mom?sorry for having fun – he says.


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