Say Hello to Morissette, World ((tag: Grammy awards; You Oughtta Know; Alanis Morissette; Jagged Little Pill; Sinead O’Connor; Siouxsie Sioux; Head Over Feet; Hand In My Pocket; Wake Up, Morissette

By Sivuyisiwe Ngcaba

Three awards at the 1996 Grammy Awards for Album Of The year, Best rock album and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for hit song You Oughtta Know, Alanis Morrissette has made her mark in the world?s music industry but the question on the minds of many is whether this is another artist from the many one-hit wonders the world?s music scene has been exposed to or has the world come across one of those artists who will leave a mark on and shape the music industry for years to come?  The only way to establish which category this, seemingly passion and energy-filled musician is to analyse this Canadian born artist?s first offering (in the international market), Grammy-award winning album Jagged little Pill.


 The very angry and passion-filled Jagged Little pill Album seems to gather a lot of inspiration from artists who came before her such as Sinead O?Connor and Siouxsie Sioux but after some more in-depth-listening one senses that this album is a very literal interpretation of a real-life situation meaning that the similarities we may pick up on are just a spare of the moment thing meaning that there is a whole lot more to Alanis than this sombre and heartbroken girl the singles released from this album depict.


This is evident when one listens to the romantic ballad on the album Head Over Feet and then you almost fall in love with Morissette?s youthful spirit as she captures it so well on the  cheeky song Hand In My Pocket where she confidently proclaims things like ?being young and underpaid? and ?being short but still healthy?.  The song Wake Up then goes on to reveal a much more mature side to Morissette with her portraying a woman in a relationship she?s obviously not pleased with and thus reaches a realisation that she does not deserve the treatment she is receiving in it.


The final judgement on this very emotional album is that vocally, the singer is not very strong.  Her voice sounds a bit flat when she tries to reach some high keys.  But with that being said, the genre Rock has never been famous for producing vocally strong artists.  Lyrically, Morissette, if she maintains this standard could be amongst the best ever and the album in general, we rate it as being a nine (minus one for her voice sometimes being screechy).  


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