Osments ?boom booming? debut

All The Right Wrongs by Emily Osment

If you ever watch The 6th Sense, then you have heard the Osment name before. Emily Osment is the sister to Haley Joel Osment (the boy who saw dead people), but more recently, she is best known for her role alongside Miley Cyrus in the teen sensation drama Hanna Montana. Osment has finally realised her debut album Fight or Flight. This saw the young star pop the Disney bubble she had been placed in as a tom boy actress.

The album falls quite comfortably into the genre of electo/dance pop while it easily shuffled its way onto the US Billboard 200 Charts peaking at number 9 in 2010/2011. The album also featured on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart at number 1. Osement?s one single, ?Let?s Be Friends?, peaked at 31 on the Billboard Charts earlier this year.

For a debut album, Fight or Flight is an upbeat collection of ?supersonic? songs. Osment has taken an overplayed genre and made it completely her own, with many boasting that this album is an improvement from her debut EP All the Right Wrongs. In the single ?Lovesick? Osment sings to a crazy beat stating that, ?you make my heart go boom boom supersonic boom?, which is a feeling she leaves the listener with throughout the album.

The album has 13 tracks, each with lyrical themes of love, freedom and living in the moment. Some of the tracks have very repetitive lyrics, but as a dance floor album, the beat makes up for that minor flaw. Then, a total 360 flip from the dance, the album posses some ballad type songs. ?You Get Me Through? and ?Marisol? are two of the slower songs, where the singing ability of Osment becomes clear.  This is a nice change, as the body-popping dance floor-bobbing becomes wearisome to ones ears after some time.

However, this electrifying album does come with its own personal set of downfalls. As mainly a dance floor album, Osment?s singing ability is only ever heard in the two ballad songs. Through the fearsome beats, her talented voice is drowned out.

Not to worry though, Fight or Flight is an excellent attempt by Osment, who is desperately trying to enter the music industry, and not only shack off the shadow of her brother, but her co-stars too.


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