One women show type-cast ( (tag: Audrey mbuyazi; one simple prayer; gospel; phiwayinkosi; only you; singer-song writer; always on your mind; makakodzera; religious theme) )

Audrey Mbuyazi taken from Zambezi foods pictures.                                                                                    
 By kudzai Nyakanyanga               
Audrey Mbuyazi is an inspirational Zimbabwean-born singer-songwriter, now resident in Johannesburg. Working with her husband as the executive producer, Audrey realised her 10 track album one simple prayer. Her music is focussed on the Christian theme, offering an exciting fusion of songs based on love, praise and worship. 
Clearly not one to rest on her laurels, Audrey has also written, produced and directed a musical called The Signs based on praise and worship, which she plans to stage in Johannesburg next year.
Audrey also sings about friendship, encouragement and sobering societal issues like abortion.  Her innate talent is for an audience that appreciates great lyrical music, which enriches the heart and soul.  And her blend of genres combines a fusion of R&B, soul, jazz and disco. Audrey M has recorded two albums, one simple prayer and only you, and is currently working on her third album.
Through her album one simple prayer, Audrey is seeing her dream becoming a reality. But while one simple prayer is centred on a religious theme, the album points out that it offers something for everyone, with a pleasing blend of R&B, soul, jazz and disco. The album features songs of love, praise and worship, as well as friendship, encouragement and thorny issues of abortion.
Although this is a solo album, Audrey?s personality is anything but a one-woman-show type-cast. You sense this in her ability to put everyone she meets at instant ease, and include people into her whirl-wind life. In keeping with this theme, she has managed to squeeze 5 collaborations into her ?solo? album. Included is a duet with 2002 Idols winner Heinz Winckler titled I Still Believe In You, about friends standing by each other and believing in one another
Audrey?s husband, Phiwayinkosi, wrote the R&B ballade always on your mind, which features up-and-coming Zimbabwean rapper Ill Cee Joanne Manda, Tapiwa Mugadza and her own children all share in Audrey?s debut experience. The song talks about the fact that we, fragile and damaged, are always on God?s mind.
Audrey?s Shona song makakodzera which literally mean you are worthy to be praised was written after the tragic death of their 2 year old son. The song, Audrey says was a healing balm to her soul, talks of how Jesus walks with us .
One simple prayer is a lyrical album, and is there to be enjoyed for the message as well as the music.
One Simple Prayer CD Launch taken from YouTube videos

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