Not Just A White Lie

by Stefan Ploos van Amstel

London’s threefold alt-rock sensation is back after a 2 year hiatus with their new album ‘Ritual’, and it is every bit as good as their debut breakthrough.

White Lies announced themselves on the global alt-rock scene in 2009 with their debut smash success album entitled ‘To Lose My Life…’. In the same year, they were nominated for an NME (New Music Express) Award, in the genre of best of band, as well as a nomination at the MTV European Music Awards for best push artist.

The band didn’t finish the year with only nominations, but walked away with a Q Award for best new band, and also making the MOJO Honors List with the Breakthrough Award.

And now, two years later, the threesome have come out with their sophomore album. ‘Ritual is a continuation of the bands unique, melodic style’, says the bands spokesperson on the main website. ‘This album is another album full of beats, with raging guitars and harmonious melodies.’

White Lies are known for producing a somewhat dark undertone to their music, a theme also reflected in a lot of their lyrics. Front man Harry McVeigh described the bands style in an interview as ‘uplifting and euphoric’. He also disagreed with many critics about comparisons drawn to other bands, and the influences if the band.

Ritual was released on the 17 January 2011, and has received mediocre, if not pessimistic reviews by some critics. However, their fans and supporters have remained faithful and loyal, and those who were smitten with ‘To Lose My Life…’ feel much the same about the band’s newest release. On the positive, there is yet to be an all out, completely negative review of the album.

The music branch of the BBC’s review hardly breaks trend from most critics out there, comparing them to Interpol and The Editors, due to the darker orientation of their music. Like many others, BBC draws comparisons of mid-1980’s artists, with particular reference to electro support, as well as the vocal talents of lead McVeigh.


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