No need to think, Say yes!!


By Sarisha Dhaya


Pic : Hopeless Records

Just like the band that was started straight out of high school, Yellowcard‘s pop punk inspired catchy tunes and lyrics make one reminisce about being young and in love where possibilities are endless.

Hopeless Records released Yellowcard’s acoustic album on 24th October this year of When You’re Done Thinking, Say Yes. This decision was made by the band and supported by their label after noting a flood of positive response to the acoustic version “Sing to Me”. According to the band’s blog they enjoy and take pride in their acoustic work. Yellowcard mixed the record by themselves early this year after having released the non-acoustic album in March.

Acoustic albums are always tricky business, especially for fans. Some artists are able to bring out an amazing acoustic once of track but a whole album can push limits. One might find oneself rushing back to the original album, as stripping tracks down can be a let down of artists’ work. Yellowcard has however, has got the musical magic correct. The acoustic album is even more personal. Tempos and chords seem to deviate a bit thus allowing for a heightened and new experience, especially with “The Sound of You and Me”, “With You Around” and “Soundtrack”.

Releasing an acoustic album has been a long-standing goal for them.  The acoustic album only amplifies their song writing skills and their vocals. Hearing Sean Mackin on violin is even clearer as well as Longingeu Parsons on Drums, Ryan Mendez on guitar an Sean ‘O Donnell on Bass. The lyrics sound stronger as if someone is calling out to one’s high school sweetheart; it allows one’s mind to drift off into the imaginative and love -like lyrics that the band presents.

The band has not of deviated from their usual style and lyric themes. While they have tried singing about growing up, their teenage inspired and love anthem songs still come through. It plays on one’s heartstrings and memories of the so-called golden years of one’s life. Fans looking for an even more personal experience find that the vocals from Ryan Key and Sean Mackin do not disappoint. Fans should definitely give the acoustic album a listen. 

Video: Hopeless Records


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