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Rhodes student


Cover art for Beyonc??’s Album titled 4. Photo Credit: COLUMBIA RECORDS

Beyonc?? Knowles? most recent album 4 has failed to beat ?I am a Sasha Fierce?, which was released before the album ?4?.  It is indeed the 4th best album.

With the hyper rise on competition from other artists like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, the recent album failed to meet the expected standards. Much better was expected from Beyonc?? especially after the she had the bang with the previous album I am a Sasha fierce.

The new album 4 is a deflection from the other well-known albums of Beyonc??. The first three albums were full of energy and album 4 is more relaxed and is of a personal setting.  She seems to have move away from the vividness and the ego she had in her past albums especially I am Sasha fierce with  blockbuster jams.

This album consists of 12 tracks which are totally different. In some of the tracks she sounds so vulnerable and in others she is so strong and features ?an irreplaceable part 2? element and the alter ego is being seen.

Background of the album

The album 4 is the first she has made since she professionally separated with her father and manager. She mixed the 1970s R&B, the 1990s rock ?n? roll as well as her hip hop character and used a lot of horns to create a new and broader sound with musical changes.

Knowles’ main objective was to bring back the emotion, live instruments and soul music, which according to her, were missing out of the music industry. Allowing herself to belt out some ballads featured on the track-listing of 4 which she described as “a labor of love”. Knowles further explained that she used a lot of the brassiness and grittiness in her voice that people had heard in her live performances.

Review of the tracks

The tracks in the album include 1+1 which is a slow jam and a good introduction to the set of tracks about love and heartbreak. The other track is ?Best Thing I never heard?, ?irreplaceable part 2? and it shows the fierce and egocentric side of Beyonc??. It is one of the ?must listen to? songs. The other track worth mentioning is ?Run the world? which qualifies more to be the intro, sounds more joyful and liberating.

Album 4 is not a complete disaster but it is so full of confusion. She displays and puts across different aspects of life and this is not what most of her fans are used to. Besides that, Beyonc???s voice always makes her music be on top.

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