Modest Mouse Music Madness c


Modest Mouse in all there there quirkyness


Six member strong Modest Mouse

By Rubert Fitchet

B-side EP /No One’s First and You?re Next /(2009) by Modest
Mouse[1], is not ones run of the mill medley of abjured tracks. Its
half an hour of play time can be regarded as a journey characterised
by its progressive nature as experienced through the composition that
guides one through the nebulous psyche of Isaac Brock, the bands
guitar playing vocalist.

This composite album is hallmarked by its publicising of unreleased
tracks from earlier albums,/Good News for People Who Love Bad News[2]/
and /We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank[3]/. The album stays true
to the bands indie rock origin characterised by its gloomy
juxtapositioning of sprightly and glum melodies. This will satisfy
fledgling and diehard fans equally, yet may prove to be a
disappointment to those expecting something different from the band.

Individually songs are well composed and musically sound, yet the
album in its totality is illogical in its composition. The album
transcends convention and ranges from the melodic acoustic murmurs in
/Autumn Bed?s [4]/to the lurid eccentricity of /King Rat[5]/. The
lack of a pronounced motif does give the impression of poor planning,
yet gives the listener a rare insight into the musical delirium that
is Modest Mouse. 

Modest has grown by three members since its formation; it owes much of
its discordant cacophony of melodies to the now six member strong
band. The growth in membership allows them to employ a wider variety
instruments and instrumental variations, which is often disregarded by
more conventional acts. This instrumental variety is evident in this
album, varying from the usage of a trumpet to the inclusion of a
banjo, illustrating the erratic yet progressive nature of the album.

Modest Mouse have most definitely aided in molding the indie rock
scene into what it encompasses today, thus rightfully earning  them
the vast fan bases that religiously listens to their music. As with
Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse attracts audiences with both indie and
popular culture tastes, however No One’s First and You’re Next would
not appeal to individuals who are inclined to enjoy pop rock.

Unfortunately the life span of a band is limited, which is highlighted
by the releasing of B-side tracks from there last two releases. The
writing seems to be on the wall for Modest Mouse, if this is truly
their final swan song they have defiantly gone out in a blaze of

Music Video of /King Rat/ by Modest Mouse


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