Looking with Brand New Eyes



By Megan Flemmit
Taken from Flickr.com
American band Paramore, who have been active since 2004, comprises of Haley Williams (Lead Vocals), Josh Farro, Zac Farro,  Jeremy Davis, David York. The bands genre could be described as a combination of Emo, Pop Punk and Alternative Rock.  The band is produced by Fueled by Ramen.
Paramore’s first two albums All We Know is Falling and Riot! were both successes thus high expectations were set for their third album, Brand New Eyes. Debuting on 29 September 2009, Brand New Eyes did not disappoint. The album was written amid rumours that the band was splitting up. Williams was also having difficulty writing the lyrics for the album. However the final product was nothing short of the music brilliance the band usually produces. The album comprises of 15 Tracks which leave you head-bobbing from the start.
Ignorance, was released as a preview to the rest of the album. Listening to Ignorance sent shivers of excitement running down my spine. The usual dark tones which tinge the band’s music can be heard in Ignorance as well as Careful. However the upbeat pace of both songs provides it with an expression of fun which will leave you bobbing your head instead of wanting to slit your wrists.  
Two other tracks which also stand out on the album is Brick by Boring Brick and Playing God. The lyrics of Brick by Boring Brick embrace the butterfly theme of the front cover:  The angles were all wrong now/ She’s ripping wings off of butterflies. The lyrics of Playing God, which is about a girl telling people not to be hypocritical, appears harsh and intense. The lyrics go but the way I, way I see it/ next time you point a finger/ I may have to bend it back/ or break it, break it off 
 The Only Exception sounds quite different to the music we have come to expect from Paramore. Instead of the usual upbeat angry rock sound we usually get from their music, The Only Exception is slower and more acoustic. Misguided Ghosts like The Only Exception, is softer and more acoustic, so???unding more like a Regina Spektor song than a Paramore song. These slow tracks provide the list???ener with a good break from the more upbeat tracks.  
Wi???l???l???i???a???m???’??????s unique voice puts Paramore in a league of its own. Hence I recommend this album to all even if you????????????re not much of a rock fan. The album contains something for everyone.
Taken from Static Ciscoeos

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