Linkin Park – Meteora (Tags: Linkin Park, Meteora, Chester Bennington, Hybrid Theory, 8 Platinum, Warner Bros, Grammy Awards, Andy Wallace, Don Gilmore

By Aaron Accom

Meteora is the second album released by hardcore rockers Linkin Park on the 25 March 2003. The album was produced by Don Gilmore and by the boys of Linkin Park themselves. Meteora was mixed by Andy Wallace and released by Warner Bros label. The guys from Linkin Park can be identified as Mike, Chester, Mr. Hahn, Phoenix, Rob and Brad.

To follow up their first album Hybrid Theory that went eight times platinum is not an easy task. The first single released by the band was “Somewhere I belong” that has a wonderful mix of singing and rap that the hardcore fans of Linkin Park have become so accustomed to. Their style of music is known as “nu metal” and they have been compared to the likes of old school rockers Limp Bizkit.

There are not many similarities between the Meteora album and the Hybrid theory, although they still stuck with their rap metal genre with a blend of electro. The songs on the album all have basic guitar riffs and bass, but they are very creative. Mr. Hahn adds flavor to the album with his turntables, programming and sampling that gives the album that distinctive Linkin Park sound.

The album consists of 13 songs but one of the songs such as “foreward” is actually an introduction to the album and “Session” which is an instrumental that was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

There are three songs on the album where rapper Mike Shinoda did not rap on. Two of them being the most popular tracks on the album “Numb” and “Breaking the habit”, which both peaked at number one on the charts.

Listeners that do not normally listen to the type of music of Linkin Park would fully appreciate it as it has been engineered to perfection. It also has fresh sound and every song has poetic lyrics with powerful meaning behind them.

There are only a few songs such as “Lying from you” , “Faint”, and “From the inside” where lead singer Chester does heavy metal growls, but it does not ruin the songs at all, it rather adds more emotion to the songs.

Besides the songs being worthwhile, the album also has fantastic artwork, with a graffiti artist wearing a gas mask on the cover. The Meteora enhanced cd also includes a 17 minute short film “The Art of Meteora” Leading an ear to the distinct sound of Meteora will not be a waste of time.

Linkin Park ?? Numb music video…:&imgrefurl=,r:20,s:0

Linkin Park – Meteora Album Cover



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